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Father's Day Kringle

4.6 (14 reviews)
OH no! We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ran out of this delicious Danish pastry. But do not worry, we have sent out our fastest Viking Ships to gather all of the wonderful ingredients for our bakers to make more of this famous scratch-made treat. Until then, Med Venlig Hilsen! (Best Wishes!)

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Contents: 1 Father's Day Kringle (1 lb 8 oz) |Serves 12 | Kosher Certified
Our new Father's Day Kringle is perfect for a #1 Dad. Made with our smooth caramel filling it is blended with homemade chocolate and then topped with caramel icing and brownie pieces. Dad deserves only the best. Available June only.
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    Nutritional Label for Father's Day Kringle
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    Serving Instructions

    Great for breakfast, brunch, or served with coffee after any meal. Kringle is also popular for meetings and gatherings. We recommend refrigerating or freezing Kringle when storing. To warm, remove from package and place in a 350 degree oven for approximately 3-minutes or warm, as necessary, in a microwave oven. Cut into 1 or 2-inch slices depending on appetite and occasion.

Cloyingly sweet, but good


Very tasty but so sweet. Sweet filling with sweet icing. Delicious but we actually ended up wasting half of this one in favor of the tarter one we ordered to get a better balance of flavor. I NEVER thought I would say something was too sweet for me, but I will definitely only order tart fruit kringles from now on.


San Diego


Father's Day Kringle is soooooooooooooooo good!


I only wish we had a Kringle store near us, because I would find a reason to buy several during the limited availability!


Watsonville, CA


Good but where is the caramel?


I was very excited to try this one as it has chocolate and caramel. Two of my favorite sweets to indulge in on occasion. In the picture it shows a nice noticeable caramel inside. Ours did not have that at all. I didn't taste any caramel actually. My husband said it was just ok. I felt it was just ok too and probably would not get again. I wish I could've tasted it with the caramel. However, I still gave it 4 stars because I am sure someone would like it without caramel and it was really filled which I always appreciate. Unlike the other one we got (pink lemonade). That was barely filled with basically nothing inside. Most bites of that was just dough. That was sad. Give this one a try, you may like it. For us it wasn't one we would get again. There's other ones we just like more.

Shine on



I've yet to have a Kringle I didn't LOVE


My husband is usually the one making the Kringle purchases. But, this time I got to get him one for Father's Day. And the Father's Day special did not disappoint. We have yet to have a Kringle we did not love. And the customer service I dealt with on changing a shipping address mistake was super helpful which was another plus and why we will continue to order from O&H.


Raleigh, NC


Kringles are the best


I gifted my Mom and Dad Kringle for the year 4 years in a row. They look foward to their monthly Kringle and tell me each one is better than the next. I also send them for birthdays, holidays, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Any opportunity to send a Kringle I send them Never disappointed. Always delighted

Kristina Landino

Tavernier FL


Father's Day Kringle

4.6 14


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“There is nothing quite as comforting as a slice of delicious Kringle and a cup of hot coffee.”

– Olesen Family Saying
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